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Term Paper on Inside the Mind of a Pedophile

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Inside the Mind of a Pedophile

Many people imagine pedophiles as old dirty people in a trench coat hiding in bushes. They imagine them as unkempt old men with long beards, long hair and dressed in dirty clothes. They imagine them as old men who scavenge leftover food dumped by people outside their house. In reality, pedophiles are completely opposite. They can be clean well-respected people in the community. They can be close relatives, teachers, neighbors, trusted friends or clergy.

However, in modern days conception about pedophilia has changed among different people. In this age of media and modern technology, pedophilia has badly been exposed by different television programs. There are always debates on different TV channels about pedophilia and how it can be stopped. People now are more aware and cautious, especially those people having young children. With the internet, pedophile had an easier time targeting young children online but there are trackers who avert such incidents through online tracking of pedophiles.

Who actually are pedophiles and why do they look for children for sexual abuse? What motivates pedophiles to hunt for younger children? Are these people sick in mind or suffer from a disorder? We will discuss these things ahead in the article.

Pedophilia is referred to as recurrent sexually arousing fantasies, behaviors, impulsive desires that involve sexual act with a child that occur for at least period of six months. People who suffer from pedophilia have a strong desire to have a sexual relationship with a young child. In most of the cases pertaining to pedophilia, a pedophile is at least sixteen years of age and often hunts on children five years younger to them.

There are two types of pedophiles and they include exclusive and non-exclusive. Those who are exclusive pedophiles are only attracted to young children. They do not show any interest in sexual partners who are not prepubescent age. Their desire to have a sexual relationship with a child even exists when they are not around children.  Non-exclusive pedophiles are attracted to both children and adults for a sexual relationship. Most of the pedophiles are homosexual or bisexual. They are attracted to male children or both male and female children.

Some people think that pedophiles are only males but actually there are female pedophiles as well according to case studies.

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