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Essay on Euthanasia



Life is a precious gift which should be valued by individuals. As human beings, we do not have the right to interfere with the matters of life and death. Religious fundamentalists argue that euthanasia should not be prohibited, as no human has the right to end someone’s life and that the situation should be left to God. Euthanasia is a situation of mercy killing which consists of deliberately ending someone’s life, especially those who are suffering from incurable and terminal diseases. Many people may question euthanasia and deem it as a wrong practice especially those people who closely follow a religion.

The person who is responsible for taking a decision about whether to end a person’s life or not is faced with a hard challenge.  At some cases, doctors may end the life of a patient themselves, as they may see no scope of improvement. Sometimes a patient may suffer from an illness which is so painful for them to experience, that the best option would be to end their life in a peaceful way. This is known as mercy killing, as the patient is provided mercy to end their moment of pain.

From a humanitarian point of view, a person should be given the right to end their own life is it can not be made better. The suffering would be too much for them to take and there will come a point where they will give up. Euthanasia is the new form of suicide, except the reason for taking one’s life would be too severe. Although it is criticized by religious fundamentalists, the state should consider the conditions under which it is demanded by a person. Therefore, not every person should be given the right to end their life, but it should be considered whether a person’s illness is really unbearable or not.

People criticize others for their actions because they fail to see themselves in the same light. What would others do if they are put in a similar situation? Will they let their loved one suffer in intense pain and let nature take its course or will they consider ending his life to relieve pain? Considering these arguments euthanasia should not be prohibited. It should be made legal because it can help someone suffering from intense pain. A person with a terminal illness has to die one way or the other than why not facilitate the process and make things easier.


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