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Essay on legalization of marijuana


Legalization Of Marijuana

There many topics which people find controversial. Every person has their own view on such topics. One such topic is the legalization of marijuana. Despite having wide range of benefits it is still illegal and anyone carrying this drug can spend some years in prison for breaking the law. Most of the drugs people take like crystal meth, heroin, and opium are said to be very addictive and damaging for the body, especially heroin which is way too addictive and destructive compared to other drugs.Marijuana is one drug which is widely used in America mostly by youngsters in parties and social gatherings. There is no existing evidence against anyone who died taking marijuana even in excessive quantity. In fact, it is a drug, which protects vital organs of the body and averts fatal and incurable diseases like cancer and HIV. It also helps reduce blood pressure and alleviate pain. It consists of antioxidant properties.

According to some studies, it was revealed that excessive use of cannabis is associated with psychological, mental decline and social problems. It was revealed that use of cannabis can lead to school failure and mental illnesses, but there is no evidence revealing such claims. In fact, scientists from King’s College (London) discovered that occasional use of marijuana can lead to increased levels of concentration. In another study carried in American Journal of Epidemiology, it was revealed that regular use of the drug had slightly improved overall function of individuals including improved memory and learning compared to those peers who never took the drug. In general, the study revealed that those who took marijuana did not decline in any physical or mental aspect. In fact, those who took the drug experienced improved performance.

Keeping these benefits in mind, it is perplexing that government still attach negative aspects to this drug, and do not give the permission to legalize it. People who take drugs will continue taking them no matter how tough state laws are. There will always be a group of people who will keep taking and smuggling drugs despite having strict policies and laws. Other drugs like heroin, opium, and crystal meth are indeed very destructive drugs and they should be banned, but marijuana being healthy comparatively; should be legalized in every state.

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