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Essay on Challenges for Google


Google has become an integral part of our daily lives, but where it will go in the next 5 years? The most popular search engine in the world has evolved to become an integral part of our digital life. Now Google is looking to expand its use, with Adriana Noren, called the four screens: TV, tablet, Smartphone and PC. Google’s director has revealed what Google has planned for the future; including the innovative Google Glass intended to facilitate the integration of “real world” with the world “digital”.

Market Share

The market share of mobile phones with the Google operating system Android is growing rapidly. Google benefits from this because it can play on the Smartphone displays location-based ads on the search or Android apps. However, the conventional text ads often appear uninviting and go on those small devices under – if Google is able to develop new advertising formats, it could benefit from the growth of the mobile market stronger.

As new forms of advertising look, show services such as Groupon: The site attracts more users with location-based daily vouchers and special offers local merchants, restaurants and service providers. Google was also interested in Groupon but failed with a six-billion-dollar takeover offer. Now the group will call its own coupon service to life, which according to the U.S. technology blog Mashable, will be called Google Offers. Offers with Groupon, the company must remove market share as quickly as possible before the competitor outpaces uncatchable.

As Google makes roads towards success regularly, challenges are due in this competitive modern environment. Since the launch of Android Google has had huge success. However, the advent of windows mobile platform has started to take the taste of success its way. The competition in the cellular phone market is also immense. The major challenges that Google will have to face in future will be to gain major shares of the market, to maintain the flavour of change in its Android Versions, to beat the giants of cellular market, and to make Google search free of spam. The SEO of Google search has evolved different kinds of spam things, and Google has taken action against such elements. Google is undoubtedly the giant of all search engines, beating Bing by a huge gap. However, the bigger the engine is, the easier it is for the people to spam it. This has stood as the biggest challenge top Google in the past and will remain as the biggest challenge in the future tool.

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