Essay on Reality of Global Warming

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Reality of Global Warming

As people of this world we are still in a deep slumber and unaware of the dangerous reality of global warming. Our beautiful planet Earth is in a state of turmoil. As days are progressing we are further slipping into a quicksand and the most concerning part is that when eventually people will awaken to this dark reality it might be already too late to reverse global warming process. Several signs of global warming have emerged over a decade. The climate of Earth is behaving awkwardly for over a decade now and we have witnessed the most catastrophic natural disasters mankind has ever seen. We are still busy developing industries and wiping out rain forests that are responsible to save our climate from natural disasters. We are dumping industrial toxins and radioactive chemicals in the world oceans without realizing that it could damage the entire ecosystem. The marine life is already paying a heavy price. Some living organisms are getting extinct. We are not just a danger for our own kind but also animals living on this planet.

To examine deeply, over the five years we have witnessed abnormal weather pattern. In some places like South Asia flash floods have become a norm. Every year South Asia experiences torrential rains causing rivers to overflow and inundating habitable land displacing thousands of families. In Russia, the weather has become warmer and every year in summers, the mercury rises to the point where people find it hard to tolerate the warm climate. In Europe, we have witnessed flash floods and torrential rains inundating cities and towns in just a matter of few hours.

In New York, 2012, super storm Sandy caused devastation of massive scale. It ripped apart the immaculate infrastructure of New York and other surrounding cities where super storm Sandy struck. Although the vulnerable areas were evacuated but it resulted in the massive loss in terms of damage to the infrastructure and private property of people living there. Since America is well equipped with modern technological gadgets it managed to avoid the catastrophe in term so of least number of casualties compare to developing countries where the disaster of such massive scale can result in utter devastation.

In Philippines 2013, super typhoon Haiyan caused the massive catastrophe in terms of casualties as well as destruction of infrastructure and damage to the private property of people. Tacloban city was hit the hardest and the super typhoon killed more than 6,000 people displacing several others.

The global climatic change we are witnessing is a result of our negligence. From the developments taking place currently, it looks like we are still in a deep slumber. We are not realizing the scale of devastation our actions can lead to. We still have time at hand to avert the situation if only we become action oriented and engage in planet-friendly activities by growing more trees and reducing the air pollution.

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