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Research Paper on Negative Effects of Pornography

Research Paper

Negative Effects of Pornography

Pornography has become easier to access than it ever was in the past. The advent of internet has made it possible for anyone having a personal computer and internet to access pornographic websites. In the past video stores used to have separate rooms for adult content and there was a strict check and balance that kept anyone below legal age to view pornography away. A separate room for pornographic content used to be carefully monitored by store owners so that anyone not eligible to view such content could access adult content. Book stores, having pornographic magazines, used to place adult magazines on the top rack out of the reach of children with only the title visible to people visiting the store. These measures used to be very effective in order to ensure that adult content is only accessed by people of legal age.

Ever since the internet has become widely popular and accessible to millions of people worldwide it has become increasingly difficult to keep an eye on young children. Children are smarter than adults when it comes to using the internet and computers. They have born in an era where technology is highly dominant. They grow up amid smartphones and tablet PCs that they have become accustomed to technology. Surfing on the internet and looking for information is nothing difficult for young children. Parents too cannot keep an eye on their children all the time as they too are busy with their work and other core responsibilities. In this kind of situation keeping children from accessing adult content on the internet is nearly impossible unless the government take strict measures to block pornographic websites on the internet.

Pornographic content can indeed inflict harm to young children. It can make them obsessed with images of nude men and women engaged in sexual act. With obsession of pornographic material other aspects of life of children can get badly affected. Children are not aware of protected sex and viewing pornography can lead them to emulate what they see. This can affect their health and they can contract sexually transmitted diseases.

Children of 14 years of age who view pornography are likely to engage in sexual abuse of younger children than them. They may imitate adults since they are more prone to adopting what they see and hear from others.

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