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Term Paper on Can Violent Video Games Effect Youngsters

Many young people enjoy playing video games. It is indeed an obsession for many young children who look to play video games throughout the day. There are all types of video games from adventurous to violent ones. One of the biggest concerns in society about playing video games is the ones that are highly violent. Some youngsters love playing violent video games because of they are story based and are considered as more challenging. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Max Paine, and Metal Gear are one the most violent video games yet they are highly popular among many youngsters and they spend several hours playing them. The question now is that should youngsters as old as 13 or below 18 play violent video games? Can these violent video games affect them in a very negative way?

Sandy Hook Tragedy

Coincidentally, most of the school violence in America is somewhat related to violent video games the most recent one being the Sandy Hook School Tragedy in which 20 years old Adam Lanza shot dead 26 people including members of teaching staff. Upon investigations it was revealed that Adam Lanza was highly obsessed with scenes related to murders, corpses and mutilated bodies of dead people. He spent most of his time playing violent video games like Metal Gear, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and especially High School Shooting in which he practiced shooting students. Further investigation revealed that his video game playing hobby was actually preparation for the brutal lurking attack on his schoolmates. He was planning the attack for several days and in order to hone his shooting skills he used to play such violent video games. Adam Lanza also had Asperger’s syndrome and he remained a silent and distant child who did not have any social contacts. He seldom spoke to his classmates as he was regularly bullied by them. Surprisingly his mother bought him a gun on his birthday, something very shocking for the law enforcers.

Virginia Tech Tragedy

In another such incident that took place in 2007 where a Korean-American shot dead 32 people in Virginia Tech Institute. It was one of the worst and most brutal acts of violence in the history of America. In this case the perpetrator was a lone wolf. He too played violent video games and was also often bullied by his classmates.

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