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Term Paper on Ebola Virus Disease

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Ebola Virus Disease

Ebola virus disease is a deadly disease which has already killed more than 7,000 people in Africa. The most vulnerable countries affected with Ebola virus disease are Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. It is a contagious disease which has the potential to infect others through coming in contact with another person. It is one of the most deadly diseases to affect the African Continent. It has already killed several people and several others are infected and are under treatment.

Once a person is infected with Ebola virus, it is very hard for him to survive because the disease has no cure. It takes 2 to 21 days to activate inside human body. In this duration a person does not show up any symptoms. If the disease is diagnosed earlier there are better chances of recovery. But if it is not diagnosed at an early stage it can prove to be fatal. 90% people who are infected with Ebola are likely to die from the disease. Survival chances are minimal. Though, some people have managed to recover through intensive treatment.

The best line of action after discovering that someone is infected with Ebola is to isolate that person in order to protect others from getting in contact with the infected person. If person who is infected comes in contact with other people around he is highly likely to infect all those people that is why it is best to isolate the person in order to prevent the disease from spreading and infecting others.

Other countries in Africa like Nigeria also had few cases related to Ebola but better strategy to cope and quick medical response helped it to wipe it off from the country. Since other countries in Africa do not have good healthcare facilities it is very hard for medical experts to control the disease from spreading and that is the reason countries in Western Africa especially have responded very poorly resulting in thousands of deaths.

Symptoms of Ebola virus disease include vomiting, diarrhea, and intense pain in the body and as the disease progresses it also causes internal and external bleeding resulting in death. There have been few cases related to Ebola virus Disease in America but since it has superior healthcare facilities the country managed to prevent it to spread. It successfully contained the virus by taking preventive measures and those who were diagnosed positive for Ebola infection managed to recover successfully.