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Essay on Cloning



Another controversial topic which has attracted major criticism from religious fundamentalists is the cloning of organisms, especially human beings. Cloning refers to the process of creating an exact copy of a biological unit (e.g. a DNA sequence, cell or organism) from which it was derived, especially by way of biotechnological methods.They believe this process goes against the will of God and is unnatural and morally unacceptable. According to an American poll, 49% agreed to consumer cloned products, such as apples and vegetables. Meanwhile, 56% denied to consume meat of cloned animals. 
Despite, the moral question attached to it, cloning has been beneficial in the treatment of many diseases as the replacement of organs could be done through genetically similar organisms.  Although, this process may take a long period to find the perfect match of a similar organ. This may result in the death of the person who requires organ replacement on an urgent basis.

However, cloning has been said to cross the line of technological advancement and some critics claim that scientists need to draw a line over where they are proceeding. Some people believe that cloning is a shame to the natural ways of reproduction and are thus, going against God.
The Holy Bible’s first book illustrates a story of the people of Babel, who built a tower in order to reach God. The repercussions were not favorable were them as they challenged God’s power. Some people relate this story to what the scientists are doing today; inventing techniques to challenge natural ways provided to human beings.

It is difficult to justify whether cloning is right or wrong, just like other cases; for example, capital punishment and euthanasia. However, it is not a new technique but was used by scientists from a long time. The success of this technique was not soaring, which made the scientists reluctant to enlighten other people about it. Cloning experiments started in 1950 in Cambridge, England. At the early stages, they started with cloned frogs, but the success rates were extremely low. In recent years, it became popular to the world when the case of Dolly  (the first ever cloned mammal) became famous.

The useful advantages of cloning cannot be ignored as it has presented our society with a number of remarkable benefits. The capability to clone adult mammals opens up a range of vast opportunities; as extinct animals can be propagated, organ replacements can be made possible and it is also beneficiary for agriculture growth.

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