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Essay on Celebrity Culture


Celebrity Culture

The media has played a significant part in manipulating people to represent an idealistic picture. Expectations of beauty standards and relationships have been raised to an unrealistic level. The consumers are made to believe what the media owners want them to. The celebrities too, create an image of posh lifestyles which portray them as valuable, precious and superior figures in the society. The people who follow the celebrity culture tend to imitate them in every possible way; through clothing, hairstyle, choice of brands and even their manner of speech. Extreme cases of imitation may result in schizophrenia and other personality disorders.

Celebrity culture has been beneficial for producers as they are able to sell their goods to a variety of people. Producers of the top brands employ the famous celebrities as a tool to make their advertisements more successful. Also, different fashion products related to particular celebrities are introduced in the market, so that their fans can buy them at high prices. For example, Justin Bieber and Hannah Montanna were used on children’s bags, t-shirts, and accessories as a tool to maximize their revenues. Since people were devoted to their beloved celebrities; they followed the latest trends.

In some cases, people may relate their own life story to a fictional character’s life. This tactic, which is basically used to attract a large number of audience/viewers, may affect the minds of youngsters at an early age. They may get excessively attached with the character and may adopt the same behavior; which may not always be constructive. Sometimes, action figures may show scenes of violence which may have a negative effect on children, who may engage in a similar aggressive behavior.

Moreover, this has created a culture of individuals who were trying to become something they are not. Every woman dreams of having a perfect body. However, the image of this ‘perfect’ body is the one which media decides. Victoria’s Secrets’ models are portrayed as Goddesses whose standard cannot be matched. Thus, products are sold to make the consumers believe what they must have. Most of the times, they may fail to match these expectations which may result in depression and low- esteem levels in girls. A personification of this is the ‘Kylie Jenner lip challenge’ which was a trend on social media websites, especially Instagram and Twitter. Kylie Jenner (an American Television Reality Show star) started the trend of ‘natural big’ lips, which was followed by a vast number of teens, who used surgical treatments for fuller lips. However, the results were horrendous and caused disappointment to people who tried it.

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