Essay on How Technology has paved way for Modern Education

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How Technology has paved way for Modern Education?

These days where ever we go and whatever we do involves technology to a certain extent. In this era cellular phones have become a necessity in everyone’s life. We cannot imagine a day when we do not come across using cellular phones for any reason. Computers too have become a very important aspect in our lives. These days we hardly spend a day without having to use a computer machine in one way or the other. Modern inventions like tablet PCs and smartphones have gone a step ahead in terms of improvement and portability of technology. Tablet PCs are very portable and can easily be carried no matter where we go. Smartphones are so compact that they can get into a small pocket of our pants.  Technology has penetrated into every other aspect of our lives. These days technology is used in different organizations, sports, aviation industry and even education. With technology all around how can modern education lay behind. It has made a big difference as to how one approaches modern education. In this article we will discuss how technology has paved way for modern education. How education is benefiting students and teachers alike.

Impact on Research Conduction

Technology has completely changed the way one pursues education. Prior to the advent of the internet, students need to dig huge libraries for gathering information to write their important essays and research papers. They had to go through several books in search of relevant and authentic information. These days the internet has become a global village where people from different religions, ethnicity, and races share knowledge and use unlimited resources in pursuit of education. The internet is a huge electronic library where millions of computers are interconnected. It is a huge web for seeking information on nearly every possible aspect. Millions and billions of people use social media websites for sharing information and having contacts with people of different races and ethnicity. These days a student is just required to have access to the internet through a tablet PC or even a smartphone and he can conduct research on any given topic. He can easily gather as much information as he can on any topic without going to a library.

Online Education

Research is just one small aspect of technology we use in these modern times. People now can seek education from any part of the world. If someone sitting in Japan wants to study in a University he can do so in an American University. He does not need to physically travel to America in pursuit of education.

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