Term Paper on How China Deals with Internet Addiction

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How China Deals with Internet Addiction

Excessive internet usage is recently termed as a mental disorder. In China many youngsters have developed intense addiction towards internet in order to find a way as escape from daily life pressures and stiff competition in academic circles. In China education is very highly regarded and for some parents it is a gruesome picture that their only child is highly addicted to the internet. In some cases young children who had been extraordinarily good at academics started performing poorly at school because of internet addiction. Youngsters are highly tempted to play online games on the internet and it becomes their sole objective neglecting other core responsibilities.

In order to tackle internet addiction problem among many adolescents China has introduced military style boot camps as a solution to overcome internet addiction among the youth. Around 250 military style boot camps have been set up in the entire country where teenagers are required to wear army uniform and engage in intense military exercises under the supervision of army men. Both boys and girls are required to workout excessively and remain highly disciplines as in the army. Students are made to clean bathrooms, cook meal and even engage in fun activities like dancing and listening to music. They are made to do strenuous military style exercises. It takes four to eight months to completely rehabilitate internet addicted teens in military style boot camps.

In some cities and towns military style training is so intense that deaths of teenagers admitted in the camps have been reported. The entire ideology behind such camps is to help students overcome their internet addiction and become more disciplined and responsible citizens. The whole tenure at boot camps is designed in such a way as to restore normal functioning of teenagers so that they become eligible to take academic pressures instead of diverting to internet for playing online video games as a escape from competitive pressures.

It is a lesson for other nations to learn from China which has taken a decisive action towards diverting their youths’ attention to more important things in life than online gaming.

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