Term Paper on Effects of Overpopulation

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Term Paper

One of the most pressing environmental issues in modern times is overpopulation. The population of the Earth is increasing at a very rapid pace. The number of average people dying on Earth everyday is less than the babies born daily. In addition, the number of resources is meager to meet the demand of growing population problem. Over the last few decades human population has witnessed an upward trend. If this continues for few more decades than we as humans are endangering different species of the world to complete extinction. We are already witnessing increased famines worldwide in different places with African continent being the most vulnerable. Thousands of children die in Africa because of lack of essential nutrients due to prolonged hunger and thirst. The resources we have are not enough to meet the demand of billions of people occupying Earth thus resulting in droughts and premature deaths among infants. In this article we will discuss the effects overpopulation that has been threatening the existence of humans on Earth. Please continue reading to find more.

Depletion of Natural Resources

The resources humans consume on daily basis are meager and definitely not likely to feed us forever. These important natural resources like fresh drinking water, fossil fuels, coral reefs and forests are continuing to plummet. Already there is too much food shortage in some African countries and as a result people are dying because of malnutrition and hunger. The infants born in Africa suffer greatly because of outbreak of diseases.

Overpopulation problem in Developing Countries

Most of the developing countries suffer from overpopulation because of lack of awareness and poor health care facilities. People in some developing countries are not aware of controlling population through contraceptives and thus they keep on producing children contributing to rapid increase in population. Developing countries have meager resources and poor infrastructure to feed rapidly growing population.

Contributing to Pollution

More and more people mean more pollution. There will be stiff competition among people for the limited resources. That also means more cars on the road contributing to massive traffic jams and intense air pollution. The more people there are the more industries and factories are likely to operate.

Overpopulation is a serious problem and it is not something to be neglected as it threatens our own existence. Everything on Earth is connected weather it is an animal, plant or human being. Overpopulation is causing damage to the ecosystem which in turn can have a very bad impact on our own existence and well being.