Essay on the Strategies for Coping up with Cultural diversity

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Strategies For Coping Up With Cultural Diversity

It is essential for a teacher who teaches in a multicultural classroom to have a prior knowledge about the cultural backgrounds of all the students studying in her/his classroom. Some cultures promote silence in the classroom as classroom mannerism while few of them believe that group discussion and deeper interaction is an effective approach towards classroom learning and teaching. Such cultural variations must be treated as the positive aspect in the classroom communications. In this manner international student’s motivation, levels can also be enhanced. Another strategy that a teacher can adopt to cope up with cultural diversity is to establish a bond between culturally varied students and a teacher must encourage the students for two ways communication. A teacher should deal tactfully with all the students belonging to diverse cultures and must be biased or show favoritism towards any particular culture. Moreover, a teacher ought to acquire a neutral strategy regarding their perspective on specific culture. A teacher should work on collaborative approach in class and establish a unity among the students coming from different cultural backgrounds. Unity eventually maintains the discipline of the classroom. Furthermore, she/he should respect every culture and must not discriminate students on the basis of their color, race, and religion. It is imperative for a tutor who teaches in a multicultural classroom to provide equal opportunities to every student so that students can not only achieve success academically but can also develop personnel and organizational skills.

In order to effectively deal with international students, there are various strategies that can be adopted by the tutors to overcome challenges and problems arising due to cultural diversity. Tutors need to acquire detailed and comprehensive understanding about various styles of teaching and it is also essential for them to have extensive information about culture, norms, values, and beliefs as well as about t language styles of each and every student studying under their supervision. Tutors, particularly those who teach in the multicultural environment must be capable of gather relevant data and information regarding the cultural and family backgrounds of their students. This approach can facilitate tutors in enhancing their knowledge and understanding regarding different cultures and their basic needs and will certainly contribute in the personal and academic development of students. Usually, the majority of the international students initially show hesitation towards class participation and other learning activities. Therefore, it is imperative for the tutors to understand the basic reasons behind the student’s hesitation in class or lack of involvement in learning activities. Once the teacher has gained an adequate understanding of the background of every single international student, he/she can eventually recognize the problems which the student is confronting and consequently can derive the methods and teaching strategies which can generate successful learning outcomes.

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