Essay on Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage Pregnancy

The teenage pregnancy is a fact of no longer ignorance. For several years, there has been almost everywhere in Europe and America a steady increase in the number of teenage pregnancies. According to a study conducted by UNICEF in 2001 in Europe, Britain is leading the way with an average of 30 pregnancies per 1,000 teenagers. In Austria, the rate of teen pregnancy is 25 per 1,000.In Germany, it is 20 per 1,000, against 15 per 1,000 in France. The United States has the highest rate of pregnancy; it is approximately double those in England, France or Canada, and a rate nine times higher than the Netherlands and Japan.

Each year in the US, about one million girls between 11 and 19 become pregnant. This represents 11% of all girls that age, and 22% who have sex. 86% of these pregnancies are unplanned. A teenage pregnancy should result in several questions. The context of the design must be cleared and must ask the consent of the girl for sex, of trauma, rape or incest, is to be found because it has extremely serious implications for the mental health of these young girls and pre-existing disorders may increase or enhance their appearance. Pregnancy and all its consequences, present, and futureĀ is an upheaval in an adolescent, and can itself be the trigger of a major psychological disorder. The pattern that emerges is that the evolution of the disorder is the same as in pregnant adult except where the risk of suicide is five times greater in the pregnant adolescent than in the rest of the population pregnant women.

Medical termination of pregnancy is indicated when there is a serious danger to the health of the woman or the risk of suicide and acute psychiatric symptoms area. The request for parental consent is sometimes difficult when incest is suspected, or if the teenager does not want to reveal her pregnancy to her parents. There are several reasons for this growing number of teenage pregnancy.

First, the sexual maturity of the young starts earlier. Some girls have their first period at the age of 9 years. Second, if one believes sexologists, youth they feel bound by an obligation of performance in terms of sexuality. Many are convinced that everyone has done except them! This is due to the ubiquity of the theme of sexuality in the lives of teens. Furthermore, there is strong suspicion that the preferred sex education programs in the United States, advocating only abstinence do not work: they encourage adolescents or to delay first intercourse or to use contraceptives when they become sexually active.

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