Essay on Altruism

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We are living in an era where acts such as terrorism, genocide and rape are common. The human being has evolved into a vicious beast that is ready to commit heinous crimes for his own benefit. However, we are made to believe that some humanity is still left in people due to the selfless acts of a few people. This is known as altruism, where a person works for the benefit of others without thinking about his/her own self. Although altruism is a rare practice, it is still persistent in some societies. Society itself encourages altruism as it is a religious obligation as well as a social imperative.

The aspect of it being a social imperative asserts that, for an individual to be a part of society, it should feel a sense of belonging with the other members. Therefore, social integration is essential. As human beings, we should always reflect on other’s reaction when doing something. In the recent years, there has been evidence of acts of altruism where organizations or people have raised a voice for the disadvantaged people in the society.

Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi, is a social activist, an ascetic and a humanitarian. He has founded the Edhi Foundation, which is a non-profit social welfare organization in Pakistan. Although, having a large chain of ambulance service, Edhi remains down to earth and lives a simple life in devotion for the benefit of others.  A recent example which has restored people’s faith in humanity was a selfless act carried out by an eight-year-old boy, Christian McPhilamy. The boy let his hair grow for two years so that he could donate it to a cancer patient who was in need of it. During the two-year period, he faced ridicule and bullying as it was strange for a boy to have such long hair. He remained undeterred and regularly participated in his usual activities, all for a kid he had never met.

The society still has a possibility for improvement and altruist acts encourage people to transform themselves. Such people become a role model for others and thus, spread positivity in every work they pursue. These people may be altruistic in nature to repent for their sins, or they may want to prevent something bad which happened to them in the past or it may be solely for the benefit of others. However, to experience change, a person should start from an individual level as one act of kindness can give rise to a nation who will be selfless and willing to devote their life for other people.