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Term Paper on Effect of Media on Women

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Effect of Media on Women

Many young girls in America aspire to have an appearance like their favorite celebrity. The media portrayal of an ideal body type leads young girls to think that their own body is somewhat not according to the required standards of society. They believe that in order to be popular and successful they need to meet a particular ideal body image as set by the society. If they are not able to achieve that ideal body image they consider it their failure. TV advertisements and programs portray a particular ideal body image of a woman which most of the young girls try to imitate. They work hard to make their appearance as same as their favorite celebrity. These things lead to serious psychological problems for young girls. In this article we will discuss how ideal body image portrayal by media effects young girls. How it affects other areas of their lives since they become too obsessed to achieve an ideal body image as portrayed by the media.

First of all the ideal body image the media portrays through advertisements and TV programs is a way to promote beauty products. Companies market their products in such a way that women or young girls feel compelled to buy their products. In most of the ads of these companies they show beautiful women using their product portraying a message to the targeted audience that if they want to be successful in a society they need to use their product. If girls use their product they will be able to appear like their favorite celebrity.

These ads have indeed a very negative impact on young minds. Young girls resort to excessive workout routine with decreased food intake in order to curb body weight. Even if some girls appear slim and well toned they have a negative self image because they are not able to meet the ideal body image they often see on the advertisements and TV programs. These ads actually sway away young girls’ self esteem and force them to adapt unhealthy practices that instead of enhancing their ideal body image, leads to poor health. In some cases girls even develop eating disorders leading to further deterioration of body.

Media should be more responsible and adopt fair practices. It should realize that its actions lead young women on the path of self destruction.

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