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Research Paper on Consequences of Steroids in Sports

Research Paper

Consequences of Steroids in Sports

Athletes have a fierce urge to win competitions. People in different types of sports spend so many years of their lives practicing and preparing to become what they want to be. For instance a tennis player dreams of winning a grand slam which is recognized as a prestigious sports event worldwide. There is fierce competition in tennis to win the grand slam and every player taking part in competition tries his or her level best to win it. Some players rely on lot of hard work and spend most of the time practicing but still they fail to achieve desired results. In this kind of situation some players rely on taking steroids which enhances performance. It helps restore strength and avoid muscle tear which normally happens when playing for long hours. By avoiding muscle wear and tear during a match, performance of a player is enhanced and thus can help him last longer during a match. This can give a player unfair advantage over his competitor. The rules of play are equal for everyone and by relying on performance enhancing drugs a player tends to cheat the system and thus is liable for severe punishment.

Tennis is just one example of such incidents taking place in sports where some players have resorted to cheating and have paid a heavy price in form of life ban or heavy monetary fine. In cycling Lance Armstrong is a very popular and widely known name. He was remembered for his remarkable cycling skills where he dominated the sport for several years by winning seven Tour De France competitions. He is also considered as a fierce fighter even in his personal life. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer which kept him out of Tour De France competition for a long time. He managed to defeat the fatal illness and resumed his cycling career. Upon his return he once again proved to be the only dominant force in cycling sport. He achieved remarkable feat and continued his winning spree until he was found guilty of doping. He took performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career that helped him have a brilliant cycling career. At the end he got nothing by cheating the system. He was handed a life time ban and he is no longer eligible or allowed to take part in any cycling event. The success he had achieved was short lived and at the end of the day he had to face humiliation. Steroids are not just unethical but also highly detrimental for health as well.

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