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Essay on Sex Education


Why Children Need to be Educated about Sex?

Young children are immature and they do not know about consequences as a result of a particular action. In some families talking about sex is considered as taboo. In such families, children do not learn about sex. Although they may ask their parents as to how they were brought into the world but parents do not give them a satisfactory response or tell them something else which may not be true. Even in some societies, sex is considered as taboo and people avoid discussing about it out in the open. It remains confined to married couples in a room. The question is why children need to be educated about sex? Please continue reading this essay to find more information.Why is it important to tell them that it is a natural instinct of a human being but there is a certain age when an individual should engage in it and not before that or else that individual can invite lots of problems in his life? In this article, we will discuss that how the lack of education about sex can lead to serious problems in life for young children.

Susceptibility to Sexually Transmitted Diseases

One of the most important issues about sex is sexually transmitted diseases due to unprotected sexual activity. Young children lack education about engaging in a sexual act could actually lead to diseases if done with multiple partners. Young children are not aware of this fact and due to their lack of knowledge, they become susceptible to various sexually transmitted diseases and even fatal ones like HIV/AIDS.

Lack of Maturity

Young females are not completely physically developed to bare the pain of conceiving a child. Sex activity in earlier age could lead to premature pregnancy and that can be very painful since the body is still in the process of development. Moreover, even if a young couple becomes parents they do not have sufficient resources to feed their child. They may be students themselves and not ready for something as parenthood. They have their own problems and being immature early parenthood can lead to other problems for which they are not prepared.

Lack of Financial Resources

Young children are not independent and do not have any source of income. If they become parents at such an early age how they can bear the expenses of parenthood in monetary terms. The cost of diapers, house rent, vaccinations, formulas and other important expenses can be impossible to meet and can easily result in stress because these things have to be done after parenthood whether one likes it or not.