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Term Paper: Steroids use in Sports

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Steroids Use In Sports

There was a time when athletes were unique. They used to work very hard to get on top of their respective sports game. They used to give everything they used to have with sheer commitment and dedication and they also got long term success. These days it is the complete opposite as many athletes are turning to use of steroids to enhance their performance. It is true that it is not very easy to come on top in stiff competition but using steroids to gain unfair advantage over other competitors is something not ethical. Steroids use proves that anyone can come out on top with minimal hard work and endurance. What happens is that steroids enhance their performance by helping them beat fatigue. It helps them last longer as steroids increase their endurance. In normal circumstances if they get tired in two to three hours of play they are likely to last two to three extra hours giving them unfair advantage over their competitor.

These days people look for shortcuts to gain fame and success. They try to avoid the hard way which is obviously hard training and practice in their respective sports game. They want to be successful over night and they know that by just working hard they cannot get it. Therefore, they make use of steroids so that they can achieve what they want to in the short span of time without hard work.

Sportsmen in the past had more stamina. They had better skills in their respective sports game because they used to work harder. They did not rely on steroids or artificial means to boost their performance and gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.

Steroids are illegal in any sports game. Those sportsmen who use steroids are eventually barred from playing their respective sports game for lifetime. Even with such harsh penalties there are sportsmen who take steroids to achieve success. One of the most shocking cases related to use of steroids is of Lance Armstrong. He got blamed for using performance enhancing drugs that helped him win 7 Tour De France cycle competitions to which he initially denied. He eventually had to admit in Oprah Winfrey’s show that he took performance enhancing drugs. Later he was handed a lifetime ban from taking part in any cycling competition. By using steroids he became successful but eventually he had to pay a heavy price.

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