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Importance Of Advertisement

In a competitive society or in a capitalistic country, advertisements are a necessity. Products and services need promotion so that people may know about them. The advertisement of goods and services is meant to attract a wide variety of customers to buy them.

The government advertises its schemes and policies to inform the public and to make its citizen participate in them. The government uses to advertise housing plans, saving schemes, educational policies, and messages for the betterment of the citizens

Advertisements in the newspaper for jobs in a government department and private organizations are highly useful. They help the offices and agencies to extract readily trained manpower from the public. They help the educated and capable people to get jobs and employment in their respective field. The labor force gets work in government offices, market places, and production centers through newspaper advertisements.

The education of the private sector mostly depends on advertisements and publicity of their educational system to attract students to their educational institutes. The huge posters, billboards, social platforms like Facebook and newspaper ads provide information about courses and studies in different schools and colleges. This helps in spreading the education and promotion of culture.


Advertisement through social networking has outdone all other means of advertising. It is more feasible as anyone can promote his/her product and services without many hurdles.

Advertisements for cigarettes, undesirable products, expensive foods, harmful soft drinks, and time-wasting video games should be discouraged. The promotion of expensive dresses, cosmetics, and perfumes through the means of nudity must be discouraged. The advertisement world shows an ideal world having ideal people with perfect figures and flawless visage causes an inferiority complex in the audience. The government should immediately ban any advertisement that affects health and character negatively and helps develop bad habits in the people.

The advertisers who misinform the public about their products and services and about those of their competitors should be tried in courts of law and punished accordingly. There should be strict laws against those who misguide the public. These laws must be carefully and forcefully implemented.

The visual pollution caused by the numerous pictures, signs, slogans, and writings on the billboards should immediately be checked. In the metropolitan cities, all the main roads are crowded with these advertisements, most of which are a kind of a nuisance. Not every platform of publicity must be over-stuffed with advertisements.

Advertising should be developed as art that pleases and informs the people right about the best products and services. It should not be misused for popularizing defective or expensive industrial goods, expensive luxuries, and even the services that can be harmful to the people in any way.