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Research Paper on Talent Management

Defining the scope and expectations of an employee is important, as the daily process of evaluating work does not come easily in a fast-paced corporate structure. Talent Management creates and maintains specific metrics that showcase employee performance. This lets them know exactly what the employee is doing at the workplace and how they might grow. It is a huge part of setting up growth opportunities as well, free of unrealistic and undefined expectations. Managers can define new opportunities to grow through defined business needs, and track the performance of the same. This eliminates a great deal of conflict and uncertainty, and it leaves the door open for the employee to make the most of a business opportunity.

Exemplary employees need to understand that their efforts will be noticed and addressed. Talent Management Systems reinforce pay for performance by giving structured incentives for going beyond the call of duty at the workplace. Not only does it boost productivity, it also attracts the right kind of talent to the workplace. Moreover, employees will feel more rewarded for their dedication and time investments at the workplace, making the office more than just a paycheck dispenser. The current generation of managers and employees must understand that work is slowly becoming more than an assigned time investment.

Everybody should be treated with respect, dependability, and sensibility and to perceive how their job fits into the grander scheme of the organization and support its strategies and approaches. A joint talent management program gives the structure to interfacing particular milestones to departments, and legitimate targets through the objective-setting process. It gives the best approach to evaluate performance fairly and impartially through balanced performance metrics. It offers the organizations as based in Saudi Arabia the tools to ensure that pro-employee remuneration is a priority within the organization and it helps them stay assured about the effectiveness of their own work being untouched by external factors like discrimination.