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Tortuous Workplace deviance in Malaysia

Tortuous Workplace Deviance

Tortuous Workplace deviance is an occupational crime that might vary alongside a continuum of severity, from somewhat minor acts including embarrassing the co-workers, too much more serious acts like theft and sabotage. The victims of tortious workplace deviant behavior might include employees, employers and in some cases both. An act can be workplace deviant if it results in the violation of major organizational rules. Tortuous Workplace deviant behavior is extremely costly and pervasive for the organizations today. Various studies have revealed that employees mostly get engaged in different forms of workplace deviance such as stealing, fake accident claim, sabotaging, drug abuse, harassing other employees, and breaking organizational rules, etc.

Tortious Workplace Deviance in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the issue related to tortious workplace deviance has been a part of a heated debate, which is quite evident from the increasing frequency of the reports in the newspapers, along with several other public media highlighting the cases related to an accident, sabotage, thefts, and bribery, etc. Besides this exposure of several issues raised by the local media, and the seriousness of the deviant behavior at the workplace has resulted in attracting the attention of the respective government agencies towards this issue.

The government of Malaysia has taken several steps with the aim of improving the policies on the behavior of the employees, along with strengthening the delivery of information and services by enhancing the capacity of the district administration within the public sectors. Realizing the fact that ethics and values are highly critical for the provision of the quality service, the government has launched several programs for inculcating the desirable values, like integrity, accountability, discipline, and honesty, etc. among the public personnel.

According to the Chief Secretary of the Malaysian government, in the past few years, Malaysia has witnessed an increase in the number of tortuous deviant behavior among the employees and employers working within Malaysian organizations. According to an approximation, there were a total thirty-three hundred cases of tortious workplace deviance in 2014, as compared to two thousand cases in 2013.

According to the Chief Secretary, theft has become one of the most common behaviors among the employees working within the organizations in Malaysia. Generally, various forms of workplace deviance cases involving employees within the Malaysian organizations have increased by 35% as compared to the previous years. As a result of this continuous problem that is being faced by the government of Malaysia. The government has been continuously calling for the attention of the employees for preserving the confidence that the public has among them through inculcating the constructive principles for supporting the ethical values and at the same time sustainment of honesty.