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Research Paper on Various Perspectives on Dying and Death

Emotional, psychological, spiritual, religious, cultural, and social factors can impact an individual’s views on dying and death. Confusion, shock, anger, fear, worry, and sadness are different types of emotions that are brought by death. Fear is also an element which often is behind the individual’s reaction towards death, as death is beyond the control of an individual. Some of the spiritual factors also contribute a significant role in the end of life care such as self-expression and the preference for the arts/music. Moreover, for understanding the experience of dying and death, a framework is also provided by religious traditions and spiritual beliefs as religious factors. Lastly, different beliefs are maintained by different cultures related to how care must be provided who is dying and what death means.

Concerning to emotional factors, I feel quite sad while thinking about death and dying. Similarly, I also fear death and dying due to my religious practices and beliefs that play a huge role in my life. I fear death psychologically too, as I never can understand it completely or know exactly when I will die. Moreover, I prefer respecting and understanding the various cultural practices and impacts linked with dying and death as I reside in a multicultural society. Lastly, I also believe in maintaining my social interactions, as it assures that isolation is not experienced by the dying person.

Moreover, an individual’s death may be influenced by a lack of resources, such as deficiency of synchronization amongst the team of healthcare for meeting the needs of service users effectively, inadequate employment in a care setting, and absence of professional staff included in the service users’ care at crucial plugs. Also, the discussion related to death is mostly avoided by most of the individuals. This is due to various reasons involving it not preferring to upset others, quite difficult to talk about, and considering it as a societal taboo. This eventually create difficulties at the end of life planning, involving funeral arrangements as there can be a reluctance for considering decisions and discussing it. Lastly, the duty of care and the individual’s rights of keeping them completely informed about their treatment and health are considered in Western culture related to end of life care. Whereas, giving out the bad news (about someone’s health or death to the head of the family is mostly preferred by other cultures and then further decisions related to disclosure of information to the individual are taken. Similar decisions are also applied in case of treatment.