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Sociologically Imagining Bodies

Sociologically Imagining Bodies

In the context of the discussion, modern sociology and social sciences may contribute as an ideal remedy to the subjected cause. As per the decorum of the domain; it can be, said that the social existence of the body may be relying on the shared views and thoughts held by a certain society and the emotional attachment of an individual with it. On the other hand; it can also be said that the social existence of an individual may not be relying on the physical existence; rather it is the social and cultural context the person may have been brought up in. The social existence of the body can be measured in the terms of the interaction that has been established by an individual with the society he/she has been living in. Therefore, the physical existence cannot contribute to the social existence of the body. However, the physical appearance that may include the gestures and the postures can significantly be influenced by the societal factors. In this regard; it would not be wrong to state that, the mental existence is highly subjective to the environmental and cultural norms that are owned and practiced by the society; and the involvement of on individual in the provoking of the procedures followed by it.

Socially constructed bodies

To develop an understanding of the social bodies, the social norms, and the procedures that are followed by a certain environment shall be kept in consideration. It can be said that the social development of an individual is solely based on the ethical and environmental norms that are followed by the society. On the contrary, the physical appearance and the existence may not have to deal with anything in the social development of the body. In spite the fact that the physicality of an individual has nothing to do with the social existence; yet there exist some societies that lay a huge significance on the postures owned by the person. But according to the conventional practices of the social sciences, the interaction of an individual plays a significant development role of the social body; thus, setting the mind-set of an individual. The social factors can be considered to predict the intensity of the relationship with ones society. Therefore, the person belonging to a certain school of thought can come up with various ways to depict the level of association with the idol.

 Historically Comparing Bodies: Sex and Gender

Gender, like all social identities, is socially constructed. According to some valid theories, it has been learned that the genders may be considered as a diverse set of entities subjected to various parts of the world. This means that the sex and gender discrimination may vary throughout the globe. But several civilized and maintained societies have developed practices to promote the concept of gender equality and assure the fact that, men and women can pursue their life in parallel. Another famous theory named Social Constructionist provides an insight that, the sole factor that is responsible for the behavior and the attitude that is owned by the person is based on the things that have been taught to the person through his course of life. The teachings may be provided by the: family, school and most importantly the society. Therefore, gender norms are the ones that are learned from birth to childhood association. We bring up the sense of equality or the partiality by the teachings that are revealed to us by the school, family, and religious contexts. Moreover, media can also be constituted as the prime factor of the prevalence of a certain trend in the society.