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Social Relationships Are Mediated

Importance Of Relationships

Relationships can be considered as the major contributor in the development of the social life. As a matter of fact, the social existence of human body and soul is highly dependent on the level of understanding that has been established with ones: family, friends, co-workers, and many others. The sole establishment of the relationship can be considered to be responsible for the emotional response that is generated by an individual for that person. Apart from the limited scope of the relationship, there are many whom we react physically with. However, one’s life is filled with multiple relationships with people whom they have actually never met. In spite the fact, the intended person may not have met them personally, but a casual correspondence via electronic or print media may develop a sense of timidity with the selected person.

Facts In Mind

Keeping the fact in mind that, personalities such as the ones depicted in movies or other entertainment modes may not bear a resemblance with any living person: yet a significant intervention of such characters in our daily life may pose a strong sense of relationship among the people. On the contrary, historical figures like; our national heroes or others may also cast a positive impact on the social development of the person and may leave a prominent sense of timidity on the inspired individual. Due to severe intensity of the attachment with the idol; it has even been observed that, such personalities may leave a strong mark on the mental status of the person, ultimately tending the fan to develop some serious mental disorders. But; even after such distant relationships, a person may keep on following his idol and keep on provoking his or her relationship with the star.

Existence Of Human Body

The existence of human body is based on the personal interpretation of life and the events that have been encountered while the upbringing of the person. The interpretation may be linked with the social establishment of an individual with the societal members and the ethics that are practiced by that certain environment. However, several atmospheric and environmental factors may contribute largely in the general perception of life owned by the person and the ethical norms that are exercised by them. Moreover, the basic foundation of the human interpretation may lie on the people with whom one is in frequent interaction with. Thus, sending the person to develop a certain mindset and precede his or her life accordingly. Belonging to a certain school of thought can be the sole factor of individual’s tendency to react to specific situations. Therefore; it can be said that the basic ethics and etiquettes possessed by the person are heavily influenced by the family and societal conditions in which the person has been brought up in.