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Technology: A curse or a blessing?

Controlling Technology

People have gained access to control technology from leaving the Earth to making clones. Technologies are the means to use techniques and methods of solving the problem in a right and proper approach to serving the true purpose. The technology affects the person as well as the possibility of humans to adapt to the natural environment. Humans have begun the use of technology that makes natural tools simpler. Discoveries of the prehistory, the ability to manage the increased food sources, the invention of the wheel and to commute with others have helped the humans to travel and explore their surroundings. This article discusses if”Technology: A curse or a blessing?”. Professional Term Paper Writers is here to help you out with your academic problems,

However, technologies are not being used for the greater purpose only but it has also been used for destruction by developing weapons and arms. Distracting people from their purpose has also been an issue.

The impact of technology

Technology has a great impact on society as well as the environment in many ways. Technology has helped in bringing a more developed economy and has allowed life easier. On the contrary, technology has produced unwanted products of pollution, destroy forests and help harm the earth and its surroundings.

Anyone from the business sector knows that technology is both a blessing and a curse. The best advantage of technology is that it allows people to do work in less time and on the other hand, technology can be a frustrating and productivity-draining commotion. People rely on various gadgets and gizmos, productivity can turn out to be a tricky thing, like the prescription drugs, they show on TV-the drug works as advertised- but also consider all those side effects.

Whether it is for the best or not, people are hooked up on technology. Not many years ago, laptops, phones, desktops, and tablets were just found on science fiction novels rather than in homes. People are not only liking technology but also depending and relying on it. These technologies are easily accessible and the fingertips of people. However, people take these facts for granted. The fact that today people can talk and communicate comfortably through software like Skype and Whatsapp is amazing, yet people take that opportunity for granted.

Therefore, technology is neither not a blessing nor a curse. The world is living between technologies. People travel by car, aircraft and communicate via telephone and Emails. Everything is better and improved as technology is used to establish and create everything. What will stay in the consciousness really depends on what people do with it, either it is used as a blessing or a curse to the environment.