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Term Paper: Legality of Euthanasia

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Legality Of Euthanasia

Life is already very tough and challenging even for those people who do not suffer from a debilitating illness. Those people who are terminally ill it can be even tougher for them because they become completely dependent on other people. They have to rely on other for the most basic things that we do not even think about when performing them on a daily basis. Basic things like putting on clothes or going to comfort room on their own become very difficult and they always need assistance. They feel very guilty of not being able to do tasks on their own and have to rely on others. Life becomes very miserable and a time comes when they decide to quit it. Now the question is whether euthanasia is termed as something legal and ethical? Euthanasia is a practice of putting a person to death who is suffering from a terminal illness and has no chance of surviving even with the best of the medical treatment. He has to die no matter what medical measures have been taken to save him. Death is imminent and can also be very painful if the natural course is allowed.

People who suffer from incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS hardly have any chance of surviving. Their lives become extremely miserable since they suffer from immense physical and emotional pain and on top of that they become completely dependent on others to fulfill their most basic needs. This misery compels them to decide to end their life. Cancer can be curable but only if it is in its earlier stages. A patient with stage 4 cancer hardly has any chance of surviving since it metastasizes to other parts of the body and medical treatment becomes almost impossible. This can result in very slow and very painful death. In order to avoid such pain, they decide to quit life with dignity. They are very well aware that they have to die so why not make the process swift and painless. They request their doctor to administer them a lethal injection which could make dying swift and easier in order to end the misery.

It is very easy to criticize those people who decide to end their lives since those who criticize are not well aware of the misery terminally ill patients go through. They cannot feel their pain and misery. They are not in a position to criticize euthanasia unless they are in similar situation.

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