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Essay on Effects of Child Abuse

Essay Effects Child AbuseEssay

Effects of Child Abuse

Child abuse and neglect not only takes place physically but also emotionally. The physical bruises of child abuse may heel over time but the emotional scars may stay in memory of an abused child for a lifetime. Child abusers are not any strangers but on most of the occasions closely related to a child such as a parent or a close relative. Some people think that physical abuse is the worst form of abuse as it leads to wounds, physical injuries and bruises but physical wounds are likely to heal with time, the emotional scars are the most haunting for a child. Child abuse leads to serious health complications, both physical as well as mental.

Effects of child abuse include poor self-image, shattered self-confidence, lack of trust in other people, self-destructive behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, flashbacks, nightmares, problems at school, poor academic performance, lack of concentration, vulnerability to various mental illnesses like depression and extreme anxiety.

Children who are abused by the adults are prone to becoming alcohol or drug addicts later in life. They are likely to become abusive parents as well. Since most of their lives they see violence, physical and emotional abuse at the hands of their parents or a relative they are likely to become abusers as well. Child abuse can lead to relationship problems when a child becomes an adult. He may find it hard to form relationships because of lack of trust on others. They may have a hard time finding intimate partners.

It is very important to identify child abuse at an early age in order for professional treatment to take place. Qualified mental health experts should evaluate a child having abusive parents or relatives. Once they identify the problem they should facilitate and help a child lead a normal life. Through regular counseling such children can be emotionally healed and they can lead a normal life afterwards.

Adults who identify a child with abusive problems should not delay seeking professional medical help. The more the treatment is delayed, the worse the condition will become with time. Child abuse is a serious issue and it should not be taken lightly. Counseling is important for such children as it can help them heal faster. It can help restore confidence and also enable them to lead a happy and normal life like other children.


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