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Term Paper on Effects of Rape

Effects of rape can include both physical as well as psychological trauma. In many cases, rape victims often complain of physical injuries and reproductive health problems. One of the worst effects of sexual assault is mental trauma and diminished social confidence. Rape is referred to as physically forcing someone for sexual act without the consent. The victim of rape is either physically forced into submission for sex or blackmailed to having sex without her will. In this term paper we will discuss physical as well as psychological effects of rape.

Physical Effects of Rape

When a victim is forced to have sex it results in physical injuries including profuse vaginal as well as anal bleeding. The use of physical force can lead to other injuries to other parts of the body due to coercive violence. The person forced to have sex is basically manhandled in a way as to contribute to injuries to different parts of the body. It can also contribute to urinary tract infection, non cancerous tumors in muscle wall, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, syphilis, Chlamydia, gonorrhea and genital warts.

Psychological Effects of Rape

Victims of rape face long term as well as short term psychological effects. Victims of rape often indulge in self blame. It is one of the most common psychological effects of rape. Other common psychological effects of rape include post traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, stress, flashbacks of rape as if it is going to happen again, eating disorders, sleep disorders, loss of social trust, feelings of powerlessness, guilt and anger.

It is indeed very difficult for rape victims to cope with life after violent sexual assault. Such an incident overwhelms the victims and in order to cope with bruised sole they resort to either drug abuse or alcohol abuse to avoid hurtful feelings associated with rape incident. Victims may need lifetime psychological treatment in which they should also be provided emotional as well as moral support. It is not easy for them to get over the flashbacks of rape incident but with proper care and emotional support they can heal.

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