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Research Proposal on Democratic Education

Democracy as a respected system greatly influences the structure of societies as it provides an opportunity to place an individual on a subject position of life. The most attractive features of democracy are the practice of compromise, political participation, and gender equality. To establish a democratic society, it is essential to introduce the concept of democratic education within the organizations where students can practice their rights. Several aspects characterize democratic education such as curriculum, organizational structures, teaching methodologies, and democratic policies.

Problem Statement

Building an environment in educational institutes that promote democratic education plays a crucial role in establishing a democratic society. Nevertheless, the majority of schools particular those in developing countries fail to provide democratic education to their students.

Research Aim

This research aims to develop an understanding of the benefits of promoting a democratic education system within educational institutes.

Literature Review

Characteristics of Democratic Education

A democratic education system is highly beneficial for creating awareness among student regarding the significance of democracy. It foster freedom and allows the people to understand their fundamental rights in the society they are living. Moreover, democratic education system also expands the scope of learning of the students since it includes comprehensive knowledge on science, music, painting history and literature. Students studying in democratic education systems are more caring and they give consider the needs of others while making personal decisions. The democracy becomes patent when citizens consider the views of other people and understand the consequence of the impact of their actions on others. To create a flourishing educational system of customized learning, it is important to take into consideration the fact that presenting every student with the chance to prove his or her talent is not disloyalty towards excellence instead it is an achievement.

Customized Learning Approach

Customized learning approach can be characterized by high teaching quality which can be approached in several ways. This approach facilitates the students to accomplish their goals in the best possible manner.

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