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Should Euthanasia be Legalized?

Many people term euthanasia is something highly unethical. According to them, life is a gift of God, and nobody except Him has the authority to end someone’s life. Euthanasia is also called mercy killing because it is actually assisted suicide where a terminally ill patient is administered a lethal injection by the physician upon his request. Just imagine for a while that if you are suffering a lot of pain because of a terminal illness. For instance, you have stage 4 cancer and your chance of survival is almost impossible and you are in immense pain. Would you let nature take its course and die slowly and painfully or would you request your physician to end your life by administering a lethal injection? Being not in that situation it is hard to decide because you cannot feel the pain a terminally ill patient goes through. A stage 4 cancer is no joke and it is something very serious. At that stage, cancer has metastasized to other parts of the body from the point where it originated from initially. In that case, it becomes extremely hard for the doctors to decide an effective line of treatment. All they can do is put the patient on morphine which helps such patients relax and do not feel the pain. However, even with morphine things are not as bearable and the process of dying is extremely painful. The patient suffers immensely with each passing day.

In my opinion, euthanasia should be legalized as it is in some European countries like Belgium and Switzerland. As long as it is used to ease the pain and suffering of the terminally ill patient it is ethical since it can save him from a miserable life. Bedridden patients suffering from terminal illnesses cannot even do basic things on their own, like changing clothes and going to the toilet. They need constant care and assistance. They need someone with them all the time so that their basic needs can be met. They do not have a good feeling in this kind of situation because they are dependent on other people and the best option for them is to request the physician to kill them to relieve pain and misery.

From a religious perspective, euthanasia is unethical as discussed above in this article. However, euthanasia is not something that should be criticized by others because those who criticize cannot feel the pain of a terminally ill person.

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