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How To: Write A Research Paper Discussion

Discussion of your academic research writing is where you explain the meaning, significance, and applicability of your findings. It should concentrate on describing and assessing what you discovered, demonstrating how it connects to your literature review and research objectives, and building a case for your final conclusion.

Structure of Research Paper Discussion

            Trying to condense a lengthy conversation into a single paragraph might cause undue stress during the writing process. If at all feasible, give yourself paragraphs to provide the reader a thorough grasp of your entire study. Here is one approach to start an academic custom writing discussion:

  1. The first paragraph gives the most important analysis based on the most important facts. Include a major piece of proof to back up your claim.
  2. In the second paragraph, prior research is compared and contrasted. Discuss the study’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as any unforeseen discoveries.
  3. Summarize the study’s hypothesis and purpose in the final paragraph. In addition, explain the study’s importance and questions, as well as possible future research.

Writing a discussion requires a perfect balance of summarizing your findings, providing suitable context for your study, and avoiding the introduction of new material. Keep in mind that your research writing should be both confident and open about the outcomes.

The findings of your study should be listed in decreasing order of significance, according to most writing standards. You do not want your reader to miss the most important findings you discovered. As a result, make the most important discovery the focal point of your research paper.

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