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Essay on The Real Purpose of Schooling


The Real Purpose of Schooling

A school is a place where students should feel safe and focus on their academic activities. A school is not just for enhancing the intellectual growth of students but it also helps them groom their personalities in other areas of life to be able to deal with challenges of life.

Life poses different challenges with time and education enhances students’ problem-solving skills so that they can easily deal with challenging situations in life in an effective way. With time and every academic level, students progress to face new and different academic challenges. With every level academics become more challenging and this way students learn to adapt to different situations. In real life also, we usually come across situations where we need to be flexible and to be able to adapt according to different situations.

A school is not just about studying all the time in order to get top grades. It is also good to study but students should also focus on other extracurricular activities which can help them groom their personalities and become more adaptable. With extracurricular activities, students learn to work in groups. They learn to be team players and how to manage things when being a part of the team. They learn to be more responsible and open to different challenges and try to adapt accordingly.

Schooling also teaches students to learn to be disciplined. Discipline is the key aspect of a successful life. Those people who are highly disciplined are more likely to make it big in life and become more successful. Students get to complete different writing projects in schools and they have to complete them on time.

This way they learn to work under intense pressure something they have to regularly do in real life. In real life, one cannot afford to be complacent or he can risk of being lagging behind. In schools, students learn to be on time, complete their work on time and learn to manage different academic subjects. They learn formal rules for socializing with others. They learn to differentiate between having leisure time and being serious about their academics in order to be successful in life. They learn to be more professional in their approach towards different things.

Schools also teach students to think analytically. They learn to look at different problems from different angles and come to a rational solution to a particular problem. Critical thinking skills students learn in schools also help them in real-life affairs where things are more challenging.

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