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Term Paper on Physician Assisted Suicide

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Physician-Assisted Suicide

Physician-assisted suicide refers to a physician facilitating a terminally ill patient to die by prescribing him lethal drugs upon his request. The physician does not kill the patient but aids him in dying by writing him a prescription of lethal drugs upon the request of the patient.

It seems strange that a physician whose sole job should be to facilitate comfort and care for a terminally ill patient aids the patient in dying. A physician is supposed to save lives but a time comes when he has no other option but to go ahead upon the request of the patient.

A terminally ill patient has no hope of survival especially if he is suffering from an incurable illness such as cancer or AIDS. In order to avoid the slow and painful death process associated with these illnesses, a patient prefers to make the process swift and painless by requesting a physician to prescribe lethal drugs that can aid the patient in dying.

Cancer can indeed be very painful especially if it reaches the last stages. In such a situation there is no hope left for the patient to survive. If lethal drugs are not administered to the patient by a physician then the whole process of dying is very slow and extremely painful.

It can be a very tough decision to make considering the relatives of the patient who want to see him survive the disease. It can also be challenging for the physician because he is supposed to save lives rather than aid patients in dying. It can also be emotionally draining for the patient but given his situation, he does not have any other choice.

From a religious perspective, it is also considered a grave sin by taking one’s own life. It is considered suicide and it is a sin. From the religious point of view, God is the sole authority to take one’s life. Nobody but only God has the authority to end one’s life when He wants.

Physician-assisted suicide is a very controversial topic in which there are lots of arguments. Some arguments are in favor of physician-assisted suicide sympathizing with the patient while some believe that it is unethical and against the rules of God.

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