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Term Paper on Effects of Alcohol Abuse

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Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is a chronic disease in which a person becomes highly dependent on alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol intake results in intoxication which affects a person’s senses and cognitive functions. A person under the influence of alcohol cannot judge, he cannot work, his speech becomes slurred and he is likely to behave in a weird manner. Alcohol dependence is a disease and also a way for some people to escape from core responsibilities. The reason for chronic alcohol dependence can be sheer family or environmental pressure. A person may have conflicts of relationship with his family members or colleagues in the office and that results in alcohol abuse. Under the influence of alcohol a person remains in a state of trance and forgets everything including stressful events of life. In order to avoid chronic stress, a person starts depending on alcohol.

Some people become habitual of excessive alcohol intake. They start occasionally in parties but soon become chronic abusers. Some people just drink a glass or two of whiskey to relax and feel good and they do not become dependent on alcohol.

Alcohol abuse can have a detrimental effect on health. Alcohol is highly damaging for the liver and other vital organs of the body including the heart. Some people who are chronic alcohol abusers develop incurable liver diseases.

Alcohol may cause calming influence temporarily but once the effects subside a person experiences depression, anxiety, nausea, irritability, and emptiness. Alcohol also causes cirrhosis of the liver which is a disease resulting in damage of the liver and eventually failure leading to death.

It may not be very easy to overcome chronic alcohol dependence. It requires medical treatment where specialists facilitate gradual recovery. Once treatment completes a person can lead a happy and productive life.

Alcohol dependence is not something that just affects adults as youngsters to are likely to become victims of alcohol abuse. Women too can become alcohol abusers and it deteriorates them at a much faster rate than men.

Alcohol dependence is never a good solution to avoid and escape problems. By using alcohol as a way out problems remain unsolved. Moreover, it also ruins one’s life completely because of the aftereffects of alcohol dependence.

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