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Term Paper on Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is also known as the death penalty in which a state imposes a death sentence on a person who commits a crime. These crimes are referred to as capital crimes. Capital punishment is practiced in many countries and is considered the best solution to limit crime.

In some countries like The United Kingdom and other countries in Europe, capital punishment is illegal. In some states of America, capital punishment is also illegal.  In most Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Jordan capital punishment are legal. In some South Asian countries like India and Bangladesh capital punishment is also legal.

The death penalty is a severe punishment against a crime committed by a criminal. It is usually imposed on those criminals who commit a heinous crime like murder, drug trafficking, rape, or kidnapping. In some countries death penalty is horrific and a way to set precedence for other members of the society to respect and follow the state law.

Especially in Saudi Arabia, the death penalty is gruesome where a culprit or a criminal is beheaded in front of the public. Members of society are allowed to see the execution of the culprit live as a lesson to keep away from criminal activities.