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Essay on Woman’s Empowerment

Woman’s Empowerment

A universal remedy for women empowerment In the current modern era, gender inequality is still evident in the economic, social, and political arenas, particularly in developing nations. Also, the larger real-life hindrances for the empowerment of women may not be surmountable utilizing social media alone. The genuine hindrances on the ground inside of these areas must not be overlooked and should be tended to in endeavors to advance sexual orientation uniformity in the locale. It is promising, nonetheless, that a dominant part of male and female respondents see social media as an empowering influence for ladies’ strengthening. This is combined with the powerful development of social media use among females.

Female Usage Of Social Media

In the event that lessons are to be drawn from the female usage of social media at the time of recent developments in the developing nations, the positive as well as strong perceptions, demonstrate that social media can persist to play a significant part in women empowerment, particularly in developing countries. Social media corresponds to the amalgamation of the internet-based application and it makes use of mobile platforms along with the internet to support communication and collaboration among people. There is an assortment of social media networks such as shared photos, text messaging, social networking, micro-blogging, and blogging as well as a range of companies including Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.


A significant transformation in the way people interact and communicate has been witnessed following the advent of social media. In view of the fact that a user-centric platform is created by the means of social media, it permits the users to express their views and present their own content in the form of videos, pictures, or text. Three potential attributes have been highlighted that had fostered rapid development.

Firstly, the platforms of social media have been laid as a source of connecting people with each other. Secondly, these platforms can be easily accessible and are flexible to use for the reason that requires little knowledge about the technological procedures. Thirdly, popular and most widely used social media websites can be accessed anytime without paying any cost and only require a connection to the internet. In the context of business, the advantages of using social media can be significant.

For instance, social media allow organizations as well as businesses to prosper, enhance their relationship with the customers, gain insight and feedback from the customers and most importantly generate greater revenue. In addition, also enable small-medium-sized enterprises and new ventures to build as well as sustain strong associations with the stakeholders.

The utilization of social media networks acquires the capacity to impact the lifestyle of the citizens of developing nations. In particular, there is incredible potential for exploiting social media platforms as a tool for empowering women all across the globe. The research was carried out in the year 2007, which focused on female bloggers in Africa. The findings of this study revealed that the first step in endowing females with a sense of psychological empowerment was encouraging them to transcribe the issues of interest to them.