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Term Paper on Marketing Online

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Benefits of Online Marketing

The internet has completely revolutionized everything. What used to be a hectic, costly, and time procedure has become simple. Marketing is not a new concept in business. It has been there for ages but the way it is conducted in the modern world has completely changed. Prior to the advent of the internet marketing products was a cumbersome and tiring task.

It consisted of surveys where marketers had to travel long distances to find out the needs and wants of people before launching a particular product. The conventional style of marketing was mostly based on an aggressive approach where marketers spend a huge amounts of money to create awareness among targeted customers about their products.

The internet has overtaken all the conventional methods of marketing. In this era, if a particular business is not operating online it is indeed incurring huge losses. It is missing out a relatively large number of customers who can become potential future customers.

Online marketing is highly beneficial in terms of monetary expenditures. With very little investment a marketer can reach millions of customers and change the fortunes of a business within a matter of few days. But it all depends on the approach of a marketer.