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Essay on Can Divorce Effect Children


Can Divorce Effect Children

Divorce of parents can have a profound effect on young children. Regardless of the gender of the child, divorce has a significant impact on a child’s life. There could be many reasons as to why a couple decides to part ways. It could be an incompatible relationship, both having regular conflicts on petty things, domestic violence, abuse, and a lot more other reasons. All the things leading to the separation of a couple can have a devastating impact on a child in an emotional way.

The idea to live throughout life without both parents together can lead to lots of emotional problems. It could affect a child’s academic progress; make him irritable, aggressive, depressed, anxiety and sleepless.

Divorce leads to over-dependence on a child. Naturally, when one parent is absent from a relationship the other one has to look after the needs of a child. One single parent has to fulfill the duties of a mother as well as a father. Though a child may move back and forth to parents living separately the entire family living together is a completely different thing.

A child may often see his separated mother or father regularly but he will never have similar feelings as he has when both parents are living together.

When divorce transition is taking place it can be highly stressful for children. It can affect their overall behavior leading to poor performance at school and even avoidance. Children become too stressed that they find it hard to cope with other things in their lives. They become obsessed with their parents’ separation and it has an impact on every aspect of their life.

They may become too depressed and irritable that even petty issues may irritate them. They end up caring for their parents instead of them caring for their children. Some children may become sad for a prolonged period of time badly interfering with other matters of their lives.

Before settling for separation both parents should consider the aftermath of divorce. They should put aside their egos and think about their children’s future. They should consider the happiness and well-being of their children by acting rationally and wisely. They should put aside their emotions and be ready to live for their children whose lives can be devastated if they decide for divorce. They should work on their shortcomings and overcome them by making conscious efforts.

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