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Essay on Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence

The world is no more a safe haven for human beings. In the past, people formed family structures to experience comfort and love. Lately, there have been a number of cases where members of the same family harm each other. Family is becoming more and more complex because of the generation gap of parents and children, and also the increased expectations of married partners.

Therefore, conflicts may occur and violence in the form of physical and sexual abuse may take place. Women may be the major victims of domestic violence, but it depends on society if patriarchy is prevalent or not. In some rare cases, men may also become the source of this violence.

According to a study, domestic violence and child abuse often occur in the same family. Men who abuse their wives are also likely to abuse their children as well. The aim of domestic violence is to rob the victim of their fundamental right of controlling their own life. Those individuals who become victims of domestic violence often live in extreme fear and isolation in the place they are supposed to feel safe and happy. They gather the courage to survive each day. The most common examples of domestic violence are rape, child molestation, beating, whipping and at extreme cases, murder.

Women who live in abusive relationships are likely to suffer from severe physical injuries including broken bones, harsh bruises, and wounds. They are more prone to frequent visits to the doctor. Victims are likely to suffer from headaches, generalized pain, urinary tract infections, stomach and intestine problems, and in some cases even eating disorders. The chest, head, arms, and breasts are the most hit locations by the abuser.

During pregnancy, the most common injured places are the abdomen and the breast. If a partner prevents the victim from leaving the house for seeing friends, neighbors, job or continuing education, feeling scared of the partner, threat of using a weapon against the victim, calling names constantly or criticizing the victim frequently, having forced sex in a manner that makes the victim uncomfortable are all signs of domestic violence.

The best way of dealing with domestic violence is permanent separation from the partner. Most of the abusers apologize to their partners for their abusive and aggressive behavior but after some time they get back to their old ways of abusing. They promise not to repeat their actions but due to their aggressive nature, they fail to live up to their promise and continue with the same behavior.

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