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Essay on Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is practiced in 58 nations while 97 nations have abolished it. It may not be one of the best solutions given the nature or procedure of killing a culprit but sometimes it can be the best thing given the circumstances. It can be a very handy and effective way to deal with criminal elements in a society that intends to harm or hurt others for personal gains or out of enmity.

A person having a criminal mindset should not be set loose to roam freely in society as he can be a threat to the existence of other innocent people. The death penalty can be highly effective since its main objective is to bring the perpetrators to justice and set precedence for other criminal elements in society to refrain from hurting or harming other individuals.

In my opinion, capital punishment should be legalized everywhere because it can help society in many ways. First of all, when a person is kept in prison for a long time his expenses are met by taxes a particular society pays.

Instead of locking up the culprits for a lifetime in jail for a heinous crime, they should be executed so that public taxes can be used on other important aspects of society. Secondly, those who suffer at the hands of criminals the most may not get satisfaction or justification. They may want the culprit to go through similar agony as they went through or even the worst by executing him.

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