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Performance Enhancing Drugs

It is a dream of every athlete to win a gold medal or perform to an optimal level against his rivals. People from different sports backgrounds dream of making history by dominating their respective sports games. Tennis players dream of winning a grand slam which is the most prestigious event in tennis.

They work and train very hard to keep themselves in shape and eligible to perform at an optimum level. It is not an easy task though, considering there are several players who take part in elite sporting events and all aim to win the grand slam. Some players work hard and leave the result to destiny by giving their best in every match while still failing to achieve what they want to achieve. Some sportsmen manage to win elite sporting events through cheating by taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Taking performance-enhancing drugs is not something new to sports as it has been part of it for ages. What makes it so controversial is that taking such drugs enhances a player’s performance which is considered cheating. The playing conditions should be similar for everyone and that means strictly adhering to the rules of sports.

By taking such drugs some players break the rules because these drugs help them improve their performance in an unfair manner. The rule is that the playing conditions should be similar for every player at the time of the match. If one sportsman merely relies on hard work to win a match or a prestigious sporting event then this rule also applies to his rivals. This means no one should be allowed to take performance-enhancing drugs as it can give a player an unfair advantage over his rival.

In the modern world because of medical advancement doping is banned in every sport. If any sportsman uses unfair means to enhance his performance to win a particular event he is eligible for a lifetime ban. Not only can that he also be stripped of his past winning glories.

One good example of a doping case is Lance Armstrong who won seven Tour De France cycling events which are considered prestigious cycling events. He took performance-enhancing drugs for most of his cycling career though he was never caught during his cycling days. Eventually, he was handed a lifetime ban on cycling and on top of that he was also stripped of all his past Tour De France titles.

By banning sportsperson who indulge in such activities the sporting authorities set a precedent for another sportsperson to refrain from using unfair means to get an advantage over their competitors or else face gruesome consequences.

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