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Essay on Global Warming


Threats Posed by Global Warming

The activities of human beings have led to the looming dangers of global warming. Over the past few decades, we have witnessed a change in average global temperature. The summers are now more intense than they ever were. The winters come earlier and bring freezing temperatures. We witness more blizzards now. We witness flash floods on different continents.

Wildfires have become very common in Australia and America. We witness more natural disasters now than we ever had witnessed. All these changes are rapidly taking place and making our planet warmer with each passing year. Every year we hear people say and talk about global warming but we hardly see any action which could possibly reverse or halt the global warming process. We are already witnessing the harmful effects of global warming and massive natural disasters are proof that the environment and climatic conditions have changed globally.

Super Hurricanes

We never heard of super hurricanes but most recently there have been few hitting America and the Philippines. The typhoon named Hayan struck Tacloban city of the Philippines and killed thousands of people in its path while displacing and wounding several others. It completely devastated the entire town within a matter of a few hours. It hit with such a massive intensity that it destroyed everything that came in between its path.

The super hurricane Sandy which hit New York a couple of years ago is another proof of the effects of global warming. Millions of people had to evacuate areas where Sandy was likely to strike. Since America is equipped with modern technology and better warning systems it managed to control the number of casualties to the least number possible. The Philippines is a developing country having outdated technology that could not manage to control the impact of the typhoon.

The massive hurricanes and typhoons are likely to increase with increased global temperatures worldwide. Such natural disasters are likely to become more intense which could result in increased number of casualties.

If proper measures are not taken to reverse these effects we are susceptible to increased natural disasters globally. After a few years from now, the impact of such disasters would be much higher because they will hit with more intensity as the global temperatures rise with time.

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