Source Of Teachers’ Belief

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Influence A Teacher’s Beliefs

There are a number of sources that influence the teachers’ beliefs as evident from the literature on teachers’ cognition. First source is the understanding and personal experiences of the teachers. This source is reported to be having the highest impact on the personalities’ development. The personality of teacher, in turn, influences the development of beliefs of that person which has a direct relationship with the belief about teaching. (more…)

The Trend of Working as a Student

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This essay discusses the academic pressures faced by working students.

Some students have a hefty amount of debt to pay off and they cannot afford on being one side. Working along with studies provides them much needed financial security. It is not just the student load that they have to pay gradually over the years but they also have to have sufficient money to meet daily life expenditures like food, laundry and at leisure activities sometimes. (more…)