Tortuous Workplace deviance in Malaysia

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Tortuous Workplace Deviance

Tortuous Workplace deviance is an occupational crime that might vary alongside a continuum of severity, from somewhat minor acts including embarrassing the co-workers, too much more serious acts like theft and sabotage. The victims of tortious workplace deviant behavior might include employees, employers and in some cases both. An act can be workplace deviant if it results in the violation of major organizational rules. Tortuous Workplace deviant behavior is extremely costly and pervasive for the organizations today. Various studies have revealed that employees mostly get engaged in different forms of workplace deviance such as stealing, fake accident claim, sabotaging, drug abuse, harassing other employees, and breaking organizational rules, etc. (more…)

Herzberg’s Motivation – Hygiene Theory

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Herzberg has brought up the two factors that influence the standard of conduct of a laborer – one is Hygienic factor, and the other is Motivational elements. Herzberg is of view that individuals endeavor to accomplish ‘Hygiene’ needs as it keeps them glad in the work environment. Afterward, he distinguished that the hygiene factor alone won’t fulfill the individuals, and this fulfillment is impermanent. (more…)


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Importance Of Advertisement

In a competitive society or in a capitalistic country, advertisements are a necessity. Products and services need promotion so that people may know about them. The advertisement of goods and services is meant to attract a wide variety of customers to buy them.

The government advertises its schemes and policies to inform the public and to make its citizen participate in them. The government uses to advertise housing plans, saving schemes, educational policies, and messages for the betterment of the citizens (more…)

Workplace deviance

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What Is Workplace Deviance?

Workplace deviance is referred to the voluntary behavior violating organizational norms that are of great significance, and in doing so, the personnel tends to threaten the well-being of the members of the organization or organization’s itself or both. Deviant behavior is explained from an alternative point of view as a behavioral departure from norms of reference groups. In most cases, such behaviors (lying, sabotage, aggression, political activities, misbehavior, theft, and noncompliance to the laws or regulations) are identified as significantly harmful to the firms or the society, on the whole. Warren, therefore, proposed a typology explaining behaviors that deviate or conform from normative expectations and be destructive or constructive either at the organizational level or at the social level. Destructive deviance behaviors have a negative impact and violate both, social norms as well as organizational norms. (more…)

Torts Law in Malaysia and UK

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Torts Law

It is clear from the torts cases that have come in the Malaysian courts to seek remedies under the Tort Law that these cases were mainly confined to the defamation and nuisance, cases of negligence from both the sides, and the breach of the duty of care in the context of the occupiers of the premises and assets. The position of Tort law in Malaysia can be understood by having a look at the trend of the courts in Malaysia where, for several years and till date, the courts have been following their counterparts in England. However, it is not a surprise for anyone, since the Torts law is a common law and has evolved in England throughout many years. (more…)

Symbolism in Chronicles of Narnia

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The Chronicles of Narnia

Chronicles of Narnia by the Northern Ireland writer CS Lewis is one of the most popular series of children’s books in the world. Sold in over 95 million copies and translated into over 40 languages. The series is divided into seven books, including the best-known “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” and “Prince Caspian” and “Sailing the board of the Dawn Treader”. These three books have their own television and film adaptations, which have nowadays become more popular. (more…)

The Role of Strategy in War

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Strategy in war is probably as old as war itself. From the Greeks with their Trojan Horse to the Americans in the Gulf War, the use of strategy in war has been a feature of all societies, modern or ancient, and often the same aims, tactics, and techniques appear to be repeated in subtle new ways. As Aeschylus, the great Greek dramatist put it succinctly, and conversely, more than 2,500 years ago, “Truth is the first casualty in war”. (more…)

The Economic Impact of Brexit on the UK Economy

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Measuring the economic impact of Brexit on the UK economy is a difficult task, as estimates rely on assumptions that compare the economy’s recent record of growth with an estimate of how it would have performed had the British public voted to remain in the EU.

One thing that all economists seem to agree upon – despite their apparent differences – is that the Brexit vote two years ago certainly damaged the UK economy, with investment and household incomes both hit hard by a falling pound. The only thing that they disagree upon is the degree of damage and the length of the effect.

Estimates of Brexit’s pull-down effect range from around 1%-2% of GDP, or £20bn-£40bn a year.

By the end of the first quarter of this year, surveys indicated that the economy was 1.2 percent smaller than it would have been without the Brexit vote, representing a £24bn hit to the economy. This adds up to £450m a week in “Brexit costs”, up from £350m a week in an earlier December survey. Meanwhile, the UK has slumped from the top of the G7 league table to the bottom.

Overall speaking, economists are in agreement that the Brexit decision is likely to affect the UK’s economic growth adversely in the short term. Over the long term, results could get better as the UK’s new relationship with the EU and the rest of the world gets settled. Therefore, it is important to analyze the nature of this relationship and the deals that could be negotiated after the UK formally begins the Brexit process.

The key decision that will have a major influence on the UK’s economy is going to be whether the country will remain in the EU single market after Brexit. The EU is the world’s largest free trade zone, where goods, services, capital and labor move without hindrance. Theoretically, the UK will escape economic turmoil and continue to benefit from free trade and investment with the rest of Europe by remaining in the single market, despite exiting the EU.

In the event of the UK quitting the single market, trade barriers will be created with the EU leading to tariffs that will harm the UK’s economy until a new trade deal is negotiated. However, there is hope that the UK will be exempted from the free movement of people for up to seven years as part of the Brexit deal, giving it access to the single market while adjusting for immigration concerns. This would allow a trade to continue with the EU and reduce long term damage due to the higher costs of exports and imports.

Access to the single market may not guarantee access to financial markets since Brexit will severely limit London’s role as a financial and clearing hub for the EU. Banks would prefer to do their transactions within the EU, especially if France presents Paris as a more attractive alternative. This risk to the UK’s financial sector was clearly reflected in the sharp post-Brexit decline in the share price of many banks and represents the greatest danger to the UK’s economy.

On the other hand, giving up access to the single market may not spell all doom and gloom. For starts, it would allow the country to reduce externally imposed constraints on its economy, potentially providing major benefits. Trade within the EU is characterized by heavy duties on manufactured goods imported from outside the union, protectionist agricultural policies, expensive labor, and stringent environmental regulations. Brexit could help drive down the cost of imported manufactured goods, give the UK access to overseas markets, and reduce the need for UK businesses to comply with EU regulations. Brexit would also open up opportunities for the UK to trade with traditional partners such as Australia and New Zealand, as well as emerging economies such as India and China.

In conclusion, while Brexit’s short term impact on the UK economy has been difficult and has led to pessimistic forecasts, the long term impact of Brexit depends on decisions around the single market and may not be as damaging if managed wisely.

Suggestions on Improving the Healthcare System in the US

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Everyone knows the cost and quality relation in healthcare: the lower the cost and the higher the quality, the higher the value. However, the obstacles in the US healthcare system have made it impossible to improve the value equation on a large scale. In spite of tens of thousands of hard-working, well-intentioned people in the industry, quality continues to be inconsistent, while costs continue to rise. (more…)