Term Paper on Marketing Online

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Term Paper

Benefits of Online Marketing

The internet has completely revolutionized everything. What used to be a hectic, costly, and time procedure has become simple. Marketing is not a new concept in business. It has been there for ages but the way it is conducted in the modern world has completely changed. Prior to the advent of the internet marketing products was a cumbersome and tiring task.


Term Paper on Effects of Alcohol Abuse

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Term Paper

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is a chronic disease in which a person becomes highly dependent on alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol intake results in intoxication which affects a person’s senses and cognitive functions. A person under the influence of alcohol cannot judge, he cannot work, his speech becomes slurred and he is likely to behave in a weird manner. Alcohol dependence is a disease and also a way for some people to escape from core responsibilities. (more…)

Quick Tips For Completing Your Term Paper

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Was The Atomic Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki Necessary?

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Military, legal and ethical controversies related to the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945 on 6th and 9th August have been one of the biggest concerns of the debate over these atomic bombings. The Postdam Declaration was issued by Chiang Kai-shek – the Chinese Nationalist government’s Chairman, Winston Churchill – the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and Harry S. Truman – the President of the United States in 1945 on 26th July. (more…)

Uses of data in higher education

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Some uses of data in higher education are given below.

Reducing Cost and Time of Analysis

Data analytics can be used to replace difficult and tedious operations, thus saving investment, time and resources. Processed data, presented in a usable format, is far easier, economical and faster to evaluate as opposed to conducting own surveys, questionnaires or primary research. (more…)

Term Paper: Legality of Euthanasia

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Term Paper

Legality Of Euthanasia

Life is already very tough and challenging even for those people who do not suffer from a debilitating illness. Those people who are terminally ill it can be even tougher for them because they become completely dependent on other people. They have to rely on other for the most basic things that we do not even think about when performing them on a daily basis. Basic things like putting on clothes or going to comfort room on their own become very difficult and they always need assistance. They feel very guilty of not being able to do tasks on their own and have to rely on others. Life becomes very miserable and a time comes when they decide to quit it. Now the question is whether euthanasia is termed as something legal and ethical? Euthanasia is a practice of putting a person to death who is suffering from a terminal illness and has no chance of surviving even with the best of the medical treatment. He has to die no matter what medical measures have been taken to save him. Death is imminent and can also be very painful if the natural course is allowed. (more…)

Technology: A curse or a blessing?

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Controlling Technology

People have gained access to control technology from leaving the Earth to making clones. Technologies are the means to use techniques and methods of solving the problem in a right and proper approach to serving the true purpose. The technology affects the person as well as the possibility of humans to adapt to the natural environment. Humans have begun the use of technology that makes natural tools simpler. Discoveries of the prehistory, the ability to manage the increased food sources, the invention of the wheel and to commute with others have helped the humans to travel and explore their surroundings. This article discusses if”Technology: A curse or a blessing?”. Professional Term Paper Writers is here to help you out with your academic problems, (more…)

Tort victims and Damages in Malaysia

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Tort Victims

Tort victims suffering from a personal injury can recover all their damages (past-present-future) normally during a single lawsuit. In the Malaysian case of Kee Su Ngoy v The Bok [1989]  which concerned the employer’s deviance and ultimate liability concerning the health and safety requirement, wherein the employer was ordered to pay compensation to the plaintiff due to negligence. (more…)

Tourism in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong – Tourism

As a country for tourism, Hong Kong has definitely evolved as a country and more people are paying visits to Hong Kong on an annual basis. When you are writing a dissertation or thesis on Hong Kong tourism, this is one of the main points that you need to look at. You can highlight why more people are visiting Hong Kong and elaborate on the tourism privileges that are being offered to them. Along with that, make sure that your annotated bibliography contains all the sources that have been used to collect information on Tourism in Hong Kong. This chapter of the academic paper also provides an assurance that you have accessed credible sources to collect information for your paper. (more…)

Role of Talent Management in performance of a company

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There is a relationship between Talent Management and organizational growth. The goals are essential to management and administrative issues, but also to facilitate repetitive tasks, as well as to advance and reward these companies. Talent management does not just for the organizations as based in Saudi Arabia on performance, but also in terms of mindset, and milestones of the workforce. These are the three goals that modern businesses are looking for. (more…)